duminică, septembrie 19, 2010

Monogamy is overrated; god is overrated. Goddamned tv stucked in people's heads unknowingly druggin' themselves with paper ink.
Robotic society, everybody has ITS place and it plays it's pace. It's space war. „I buy that / sell you the other”; who gives a fuck if 3000 families lose their home? „Can't pay your mortgage? We'll take a lung, you'll live!”
Follow the humanology, go get a dumb wife with her ex military senile yapping father and some sort of a bitch mother who could've had more but drowned herself in dirty uniforms and soap operas. She unwillingly sees her daughter slowly becoming her and she keeps thinking to make a good use of the dryin' iron / that radio could easily slip in to the bubbling bathtub.
Get a job, become one of them. Full of restraints. „I can't do that, i have responsibilities, i have a family to hold close and care about. My wife don't love me, she talks to the neighbours more than me and even though she used to look like a suave feline she now resembles the beard lady in the circus.
My twisted 16 year old daughter is more fucked up than i am, being my sleeping pills competition and all that.
They don't cook, don't do laundry and the house looks like it's been a rat war.”
But that's what your are, just another rat, providing services for the bigger snakes.

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